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Strata Underwriting Managers
Kimberly Chavez AVP Account Management 469-385-1105
Kendall Daniels Programs Data Analyst 469-385-1065
Kriste Dawson Account Manager 469-385-1047
Charlotte Eisemann Account Manager 469-385-1041
Alyssa Garcia Programs Associate 469-283-1708
Emily Hiett Assistant Underwriter 469-385-1062
Paul Hilliard Underwriter 469-385-1063
Mark Hilsher Senior Underwriter 469-385-1101
Michelle Howell Sr. Underwriting Manager 469-385-1061
Will Kline Underwriting Manager 469-283-1722
Tyler Lawson Underwriter 469-385-1048
Crystal Major Underwriter 469-283-1706
Bryan McGarry President of Strata Underwriting Managers 469-385-1050
Kristi Salazar Program Associate 469-283-1728
Strata Claims Managers
Tim Drake VP Claims Litigation 469-385-1046
Terrill Dukes VP Claims Management 469-283-1701
Mary Jane Fernandez Assistant Claims Coordinator 469-283-1117
Laureen Lehman Senior Claims Manager 469-385-1079
George Mares Senior Claims Manager 469-283-1724
Jennifer Meade Senior Claims Manager 469-283-1719
David Mitchell Claims Manager 469-385-1086
Linda Montelongo Claims Manager 469-283-1705
Kay Lynn Steffen Claims Manager 469-283-1707
Danny Stowe Claims Manager 469-385-1121
Jennifer Willrich Claims Associate 469-385-1045